What if Richard was your upline? What if he was your Running Buddy?

He can be ... every week, LIVE, as your mentor and coach!

It's going to save you a small fortune and perhaps make you a large one.

I procrastinated and then I waited.

And then I thought about it for ... well months.

And then I got ready. But then I got distracted.

And then I got frustrated and fell victim to the world at large.

Sound familiar?

And then I hired a coach. Actually, another coach, after the other coach in a long line of coaches. He asked me the right questions. He made requests I was not making of myself. He asked me to answer his requests with clarity.

Sound familiar?

And the result? Boom. Sonic like. A breakthrough. What took me 2 years to do alone actually only took 2 weeks with the right coach.

And the result is a windfall for you ... and me. A quantum leap in how our community can grow and get better, stronger and faster.

It is called Momentum Mentorship

It is going to save you a small fortune and perhaps make you a large one.

Gone are the days of waiting and wondering ... and waiting for me to launch another class, so you can join for half price.

Gone are the days of Momentum Masterclass being delivered on Faceblah. 

Gone are the days of starting and stopping ... the silver bullet of momentum.

Let's keep the momentum going in your business together.

What's Inside of Your

Momentum Mentorship?

Momentum Masterclass Level 1, 2 and 3

Ongoing access to the the latest Momentum Masterclass webinars, tools, LIVE coaching and Richard's famous rants.

Weekly LIVE Mentorship Calls

Weekly coaching calls LIVE! Whatever coaching session Richard is doing, you can participate.

All New Exclusive Community Training Portal

This is what Faceblah wishes it could be. A course platform designed just for you. Every asset you own is a click or two away.

Ongoing Access to Upcoming Level 1

Pre-Launch Course

The new Pre-Launch Level 1 Program focuses just on Mindset, Goal Setting and the One-Minute Miracle. No Invites, just preparing to LAUNCH!

Access to the Upcoming Level 2 Launch Course

Launch, Level 2, is the core of Momentum. It is the 60 days of Invites and all that goes with that. Your story will be done and all you have to do is run.

Level 3 Leadership. Create a Culture of Organic Growth

Leadership, Level 3, is all about culture, systems and duplication. Let Richard be your guide to you Being worth those Visions to which you aspire.

Growing a LIVE Coaching Library

Every LIVE coaching session is archived at your level of alumni. You can sit in the Champion's Chair, anytime!


Champion Chairs

Richard will be coaching every week and you can be there LIVE. Raise your hand and you could get a personal session worth $1,000's!

Mach2 Transformation included for Alumni!

If you're a Mach2 alumni, Mentorship includes Mach2 and any future Mach2 Training Richard creates. Once you are an alumni, you stay in the course, as long as you like.

A quantum leap in how our community can grow and get better, stronger and faster.

I'm excited to watch you get on fire in your business and carry that momentum forward.

And I'm going to be with you each month every step of the way to help you make that happen.

I have invested over $300,000 in my own coaching and over 45 years practicing the arts. You can tap into that treasure chest for less than a cup of tea a day.

 Who Is This For?

Graduates of Momentum Masterclass

Once you're a Momentum Masterclass or Mach2 Transformation Alumni, you will have instant access to your course and all ongoing courses for which you have paid full price. Turn $47 USD into $4700, $47,000 or $470,000. I did. You can too!

Is This Right For Me?

What You Will Gain From 

Momentum Mentorship?

As a Member You will get :

  • Instant access to the latest Momentum Masterclass Training Video Recordings, as well as downloadable Audio MP3 Recordings and Handouts.
  • Weekly coaching calls with Richard Brooke LIVE on Zoom. Get world-class mentorship, and all your questions answered.
  • All New Mentorship Training Portal - No more searching through Facebook to find your lessons and material.
  • Ongoing First Access to the soon-to-be-released 4 week, in-depth "Pre-Launch" Course.
  • Ongoing Access to the new Level 2 Launch Course, to be released following the "Pre-Launch Course".
  • Access to an ongoing growing LIVE Coaching session library.
  • LIVE Coaching Hot Seat Opportunities - You will be able to easily schedule from right inside the training portal.
  • Mach2 Alumni also receives ongoing access to the upcoming Mach2 LIVE Transformation Program.

Success Stories

"Over 20 business recruits over 2 months.. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to do this in an authentic way!"

—Kät Taniberg

Revelstoke, British Columbia

"I found a new business partner, re-signed up 9 VIP clients... and registered 10 more VIP clients"

— Julia Knight

Harlem, NY

"In April, I enrolled 1 new partner, 3 in May, and 6 of my active consultants are now showing growth!"

— Barbara Richmond

Walkerton, Ontario

“I’ve rank advanced both times I’ve taken GMM. Look forward to taking more classes and bringing my team!”

— Marsha Jackson

Horseheads, New York

"It's been an incredible experience having Richard as our mentor and coach"

— Susan and Steve Szabo

Kailua, Hawaii

“I’ve now gone through this program 5 times with my team and it is the best NWM training I have ever seen!”

— Carla Green

Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Momentum Mentorship Cost?

$47 USD, Monthly

Will This Affect My Alumni Status?

Your Alumni status, for any program that you purchase and complete, will never change.

Is There A Deadline To Enroll In Momentum Mentorship?

You can enroll at any time.

How Will I Access My Training And Coaching?

You will receive your own personal dashboard and log in credentials, once you enroll.

Which Of Richard's Trainings Will I Have Access To?

You will have access to any Momentum or Mach2 course for which you have previously paid full price. This means that Momentum Masterclass alumni will have access to Momentum Levels 1 & 2, while Momentum Leadership alumni will have access to all 3 Momentum levels.

When Will The LIVE Coaching Sessions Be Held?

LIVE Coaching sessions will be weekly.

How Can I Schedule A LIVE, Hot Seat Coaching Session?

You can just "raise your hand" during the LIVE session or send a request to Team@RichardBrooke.com. One-on-one coaching is prioritized for first-time course participants.

What Happens If I Subscribe And Later Need To Cancel For Any Reason ... ?

You may come and go as you please. We will preserve your account for when you are ready to come back.

It is 10 times harder to start again, than to just keep your mojo moving.